Stop HTML5 Autoplay Videos in Google Chrome & Firefox

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Whether you use Google Chrome or Firefox, It's really annoying when you visit a website and video starts auto-playing in your browser. You know Adobe Flash is not the only technology that annoy you with unwanted videos.

Unfortunately, many websites are now using HTML5 to display ads, videos, and other types of content. Often they start automatically when the page loads.

In this article I'll show you a simple way to stop HTML5 autoplay videos in Google Chrome and Firefox.

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Disable HTML5 Autoplay

1) Google Chrome

First you need to get the Google Chrome extension called "Disable HTML5 Autoplay". The link of this extension is mentioned below.

Once you enabled it, video will load in your browser but will not start playing automatically. This will give you the option to watch it or not.

2) Firefox

In Firefox you don’t need an add-on or an extension. You can do it with a simple setting in Firefox itself.

Just open a new Firefox window or tab, type about:config in the address bar (where you normally type a URL). Now press enter button, following screen will appear where you have to click on "I accept the risk!" button.

Disable HTML5 Autoplay in Firefox

Once you click "I accept the risk!" button, you get a long list of settings as shown in below snapshot.

Above them all, a search field will appear. Now type autoplay or in that search field and press Enter. This will bring up entry like media.autoplay.enabled.

Note: Probably here, the default value will be True, now double click the entry to change it to False.

Disable HTML5 Autoplay in Firefox

By this way you can stop HTML5 autoplay Videos in Google Chrome & Firefox.

Next time when you visit a webpage with an HTML5 autoplaying video, the video box will appear as an image. But the video will not start automatically until you click on it to play.

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