Top 10 Quick Ways to Shutdown Your PC on Windows 7, 8 or 10

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Whether you are tech geek or a normal windows user, you must know the computer know-how in the world of digital era. For any reason, if you want to shut down or restart your computer, Windows gives you quite a number of ways to do it.

So today in this article we will show you top 10 quick ways to shutdown your PC on windows in just 1-click or few clicks.

Top 10 Quick Ways to Shutdown Your PC:

Method #1: Shutdown using Start Menu

The simplest and most popular method to shutdown a computer or laptop is by using Start Menu. To do this, first click on Start Menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click or Tap Power to open different options.

Open Start Menu in Windows 10

Here three options will appear: You can choose any of the below options according to your need. Click on Sleep to put your system into sleep mode, Shut down to shut it down completely or Restart to restart your device.

Open Shutdown option in Windows 10

Method #2: Shutdown using Power Button

You can shutdown your computer by pressing Power button. To do this, you need to re-program your laptops power button. If you are using Windows 10, search Power Options in search box. Click on Power Options in the search results that appear.

To re-program power button, click on Change plan settings under Balanced (recommended) plan then Change advanced power settings. Following screen will appear, now scroll down and collapse Power button and lid option then Power button action. Change plugged in settings to Shut down to activate shut down feature on power button.

Step by Step Guide to Shutdown PC using Power Button with Screenshots

How to Shutdown laptop using Power Button

Method #3: Shutdown using Alt + F4

This is also a simplest option to shutdown your computer or laptop. Just press Alt + F4 on your keyboard and you will see below screen with default option Shut down. Click OK to shut down your system.

Shutdown computer using ALT + F4

Method #4: Shutdown using Win + X

You can shutdown your computer using power user menu option. You can access power user menu, by pressing the Windows + X keys on your keyboard or Right click on Start Menu.

Click on Shut down or sign out to access Sign Out, Sleep, Shut Down & Restart options. Click on Shut down button to shut down the system.

Shutdown using win + x command

Method #5: Shutdown using your own Shutdown Shortcut

Right click on your computer screen then select New > click on Shortcut > Type C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00 and click on Next button. Type your shortcut name like Shutdown and Finish to create a shortcut.

Now right click on your shortcut named Shutdown and select properties. Here you can see in below snapshot, the command you wrote is showing in target section.

When you want to shutdown your computer, just double click or open the shutdown shortcut. Your computer will be shutdown automatically.

Shutdown computer using own shutdown shortcut

Method #6: Shutdown using Shortcut Key

In the above method #5, you learned how to create a shortcut to shutdown your computer. If you want to learn step by step guide with snapshot, click here.

Here you have to put your cursor in Shortcut key text box and press any combination of keys to run this shortcut. Here I have used Ctrl + Alt + S key. You can set your own shortcut keys. When you press these combinations, shortcut automatically runs the command entered in target section.

Shutdown using Shortcut Key

Method #7: Shutdown using Shutdown Command

Go to Start Menu >Search Run and click on it or Press Window + R to open Run > Type shutdown /s /t 00 command and hit Enter or click OK button to shutdown your computer. This command is same as above commands but you have to enter it in RUN.

Shutdown computer using shutdown command-01

Same command shutdown /s /t 00 can also be used on command prompt. To open command prompt, Go to Start Menu > Search Run and click on it or Press Window + R to open Run > Type CMD and hit Enter or click OK button.

Shutdown computer using shutdown command

Method #8: Shutdown Using Slidetoshutdown Command

There are so many people who are not familiar with this command but it's also a very interesting way to Shutdown your system. Go to Run and type slidetoshutdown.exe and hit Enter or click on OK button.

Slide to ShutDown command

Following screen will drop in your lock screen image from the top, that will cover half of your screen. Just slide the image down to the bottom of your screen with your mouse to shut down your computer, or press any key or slide the image upwards to cancel the shutdown.

Slide to ShutDown Your PC

Method #9: Shutdown from the Lock Screen in Windows 10

If your computer screen is locked, you can still shut down your computer. You can see following screen before logging in to windows. Just click on Power icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and click on Shut down to shut your computer down. If you want to restart your computer, click on Restart else click on Sleep to put your system in sleep mode.

Shutdown using Screen Lock option

Method #10: Shutdown by CTRL + ALT + DELETE

Ctrl + Alt + Delete is very old and familiar ways to shutdown a PC. You have to press all three buttons (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) on keyboard and click on Shutdown button to shut it down completely.

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Top 10 Quick Ways to Shutdown Your PC on Windows 7, 8 or 10
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