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Today I switched to using Inbox by Gmail and found five new features. Google updated Inbox by Gmail app and provided some very useful features like Trip bundles, Keep reminders appearing in the app, Swipe to delete, Signatures and Undo send.

Inbox by Gmail

If you've switched to using Inbox by Gmail, then might be you are not aware of these basic features. In this article we will explain the 5 new features of Inbox by Gmail.

1) Trip bundles:

Similar messages are bundled together so you can deal with them all at once. And get rid of them with one swipe.

  • Promotions are not neatly organized.
  • Purchases are in one place.
  • All your trips are together.
  • And most important create your own bundles for anything you like Book Club, Weekend, Ski Buddies etc.

2) Reminders:

You can add Reminders so your inbox contains all the things you need to get back to.

  • Add your to-dos to the top of your inbox and even get a helping hand to get them done.

3) Swipe to delete:

You will have to enable it to make it work. Go to Settings > [ your account name] > Action when done with messages > Move to trash.

4) Signatures:

Finally you can add your name, a quote or some other catchy information as your signature. Now you can do it by go to Settings > [your account name] > Signature > Toggle on and provide the signature text.

5) Undo send:

This was the longest awaited feature from Google. You might be wondering where it is. You can enable Undo Send feature with the help of below tutorial.

Step by Step guide to enable “Undo Send” Feature in Gmail

Note: To enable all the features to work, you will have to update Inbox by Gmail version 1.8. If you don't see them after updating the app, restart your mobile device.


  • Introducing Trip Bundles - emails about a trip are bundled with important details highlighted.
  • New setting to Swipe to Delete.
  • New setting to set your Signature.
  • Undo Send - take back a message up to a few seconds after sending it.
  • Reminders created in Keep will now appear in Inbox.

If you know any other features, share them in comment section.

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