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Today I came up with a brilliant tool to create animated GIF. This tool allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save it as a GIF.

The best thing about GIF image is, they support by almost all the web browsers, there are very few web browsers that will not support animated GIFs. You can use ScreenToGif tool to make animated GIFs.

ScreenToGif Tool:

You can download ScreenToGif tool from below specified URL.

ScreenToGif Features:

  • This tool records your screen and save directly to a GIF looped animation.
  • You can Pause and continue anytime to record.
  • Move the window around to record what you want.
  • You can add Text, Subtitles and Title Frames.
  • You can edit the frames, add filters, revert, make yoyo style, change frame delay, add border, add progress bars.
    Export frames.
  • You can Crop and Resize the GIF image.
  • You can work even while the program is recording.
  • You can easily remove the frames that you don't want.
  • Select a folder to save the file automatically or select one before encoding.
  • Add the system cursor to your recording.
  • Very small sized, portable and multi-language executable.
  • Start/Pause and stop your recording using your F keys.
  • GreenScreen unchanged pixels to save kilobytes.
  • You can apply actions/filters to selected frames.
  • Fullscreen Recording.
  • Snapshot Mode.
  • Drag and Drop to add frames in the editor.
  • The tool supports multi language: Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, French, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese and Tamil.

ScreenToGif Tool

Advantages of GIF Image:

  • GIF images are simple to make using any animation program and a series of images.
    • If you have a series of images such as frames from a film you can easily make a GIF.
  • GIF images do not require your web browser to have a plug-in.
    • Flash animations require the user’s computer to have the necessary plug-ins installed but GIF images are treated as normal images.
  • They have loss less compression during size reduction.
    • When you want to reduce the GIF file size, not too much quality is lost when compressing them.
  • Animated GIFs have a relatively small file size.
    • Flash files often have very large files and can slow a website, however too many GIF on a webpage will also slow it down.
  • GIFs are easy to use when creating a webpage.
    • No special coding of formatting is required when adding a GIF to a webpage as they are normal image files.

Disadvantages of GIF Image:

  • GIF images have a maximum color depth of 256 bit.
    • Other image and animation formats have much larger bit depths but 265 bit is normally well suited to a webpage.
  • They can slow down a webpage.
    • If large numbers of GIF images are used on a webpage it can take a very long time for them to load.
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