How to Defragment Hard Drive in Windows 10 – Schedule Weekly

If you find difficult to search files quickly, this article will help you to fix the problem. In this article, I will talk about Hard Disk De-fragmentation utility that instruct our computer to organize all the files of hard disk that makes it easier to search files. Now the question is:

How to Defragment Hard Drive? and How to schedule it Daily/Weekly/Monthly?

How to Defragment Hard Drive?

Step-1: Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > and click on Computer Management.


Right click on My Computer/This PC and select Manage option to open computer management.

Step-2: Go to Storage under Computer Management > Select Disk Management option. Right click on the drive (like C: or D: drive) which you want to Defragment and click on Properties.

Disk Management

Step-3: Go to Tools Tab and click on Optimize. This will optimize and defragment your computer's drives and help it run more efficiently.

Defragment - Tools Options

Step-4: Now select the drive and click on Optimize button to defragment and optimize the hard drive.

Optimized Drives - Defragment Hard Drive

How to schedule it Daily/Weekly/Monthly?

Step-5: Here click on Change Settings button. A popup will appear to set the frequency and choose drives.

Optimize Drives - Schedule

Step-6: You will get Daily, Weekly and Monthly frequency to defragment the hard drive. We recommend you to set either Weekly or Monthly as per your system need.

Frequency Selection

Step-7: Click on choose button to select the drives which you want to defragment. By default all the options are checked. You can select or deselect according to your system requirement.

Select Drives for Optimization

What's your opinion about defragmenting the hard drive? How frequently your defragment the hard drive?

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