How Long will Password Take to Crack?

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I hope you might be aware that most reputable operating systems, including Windows itself, store your password in an encrypted form, and there's no way to reverse that encryption to discover the original password.  The only option is to simply try every possible combination of password, in what's known as a brute force attack.

The trouble is, computers are very good at doing brute force attacks, and a decently powerful desktop computer that can try tens of millions of combinations every second.  Ironically, the biggest improvement to password-cracking software in recent years has come about because of the availability of hugely powerful graphics cards.

With the right software, the chips that normally render 35 fps of Grand Theft Auto 9 can now crack passwords instead.

So now you know why security experts always tell you to choose a long, complicated password, which preferably contains numbers and punctuation characters rather than just letters. Because a password which consists of a combination of entries from a 26-character selection (a-z) is much easier to crack than if the range of characters is 52 (a-z and A-Z) or 62 (including digits too).

If you want to know how secure your password is, here is a simple website that will tell you about the same.


Visit following website and start typing your password. As you type, the indicator is updated after every character to tell you, how long a desktop PC would typically take to crack it.


Here you can see the below snapshot which is showing 15 alpha numeric characters password would take a desktop PC '157 billion years' to crack your password.

How Many Years Would Your Password Take To Crack

Note: This site could be stealing your password... it's not, but it easily could be. Be careful where you type your password.


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