Google Finally Launched “Undo Send” Feature

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If I ask you a question to recall a message, sent from Microsoft Outlook. Your answer will be "Yes" but if I ask the same question for Gmail then what would be your response.

Most of the people will say "No" who are not aware about this new Gmail feature.

Now you need not to worry about it. Google has finally launched its new feature "Undo Send" from labs into a permanent spot. This has been the longest beta period ever.

Enable Undo Send Feature

Why you should enable "Undo Send" feature?

Google has launched this feature with delay of 5, 10, 20 & 30 seconds. Gmail just delays sending emails briefly so you have a moment in case you change your mind. Gmail will give you the time which you have configured. It will come to again draft state.

Steps to Enable "Undo Send" Feature:

You can enable "Undo Send" feature in just three steps:


Login to your Gmail account with you Username & Password credentials.

Click the Gear icon in the top right and select settings as shown in below snapshot.

Enable Undo Send Feature


Now scroll down to enable "Undo Send" option. Check "Enable Undo Send" and choose delay in seconds (This is the time you want to unsend an email).

Now scroll down to bottom and click on "Save" button.

Enable Undo Send Feature


Now draft an email and send it to someone. When you click on Send button, you will see below message at the top of screen. Here Gmail will show you "Undo" option to Undo the email.

Enable Undo Send Feature

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