How to Enable POP settings in your Gmail Account?

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What is POP and IMAP?

POP and IMAP allows you to download messages from Gmail's servers onto your computer so you can access your mail with a program like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, even when you aren't connected to the Internet. It means you can read all your emails when you are offline. Microsoft Office Outlook is the best way to manage your personal emails. Unlike POP, IMAP also provides a better method to access your mail from multiple devices. If you check your email at work, on your mobile phone, and again at home, IMAP ensures that new mail is accessible from any device at any given time.

POP and IMAP access are free for all Gmail users. So if you want to configure Gmail in Microsoft Office Outlook then you need to enable POP settings in your Gmail Account.

In this article you will learn how to enable POP settings in your Gmail Account.

Step-1: Sign in to your Gmail Account.

2) Click the gear icon in the Top Right and Select Settings option.

3) Now click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.

Select Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded) OR Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.

Choose what to do with your messages after your POP client or device receives them.

Enable POP settings in your Gmail Account


4) Click on Save Changes.

Although the radio button next to your selected option may not stay selected when you click on Save Changes, Gmail displays the status next to POP Status: POP is enabled.

If your POP settings are turned off, the status will indicate that POP is disabled.

Once you've enabled POP settings in your Gmail Account then you can easily configure Gmail Account in Microsoft Office Outlook.

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