Enable/Disable Reset Case Open Status in BIOS

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What does it mean by "Reset Case Open Status"?

Reset Case Open Status means your computer's side panel/cover has opened by someone. By default "Reset Case Open Status" property is Disabled in BIOS. If any person opens the panel/cover, its property changed to Enabled.

When you restart the computer, it gives continuous beep sound to alert IT people that someone has opened the panel/cover against the policy.

Why this feature used?

Generally corporate users are not allowed to change/upgrade any part of the computer. To maintain the corporate IT policy and to avoid theft of IT parts, they keep BIOS password protected.

If any user tries to opens the cover, it alerts the IT team that someone is doing something against the policy.

User can only disable the setting, if BIOS is not password protected.

How to Enable/Disable Reset Case Open Status?

Note: Computers manufactured in the last few years allow you to enter into the BIOS setup using one of the keys (F1, F2, F10 & DEL) during the boot process.


Restart your system and press F10 or "any other option as per your computer manufacturer" to enter into the BIOS mode.

If BIOS is password protected, Enter correct password to open the BIOS settings.


Select "Hardware Monitor Setup" / "CMOS Setup Utility" option in BIOS.

"Reset Case Open Status" location might be different according to different PC manufacturers.


Now select "Reset Case Open Status" and change the option from Enable to Disable.

By this way you can disable "Reset Case Open Status".

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