Change the Cursor Movement Direction in Excel

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Open Microsoft Excel, type any text or number in any cell and press Enter on your Keyboard. You will see cursor moves top to down. 

Do you know why cursor moves top to down?

As it is a general practice and most of the data is entered into columns so Excel comes with the default option Top to Down.

Sometimes for data entry work, we need to put data in rows like left to right. In this case, either you can use Tab button to move left to right or can change cursor's movement direction.

Following 3-step process will show you how to change the cursor movement direction in Excel.


Open Microsoft Excel 2007, Click on the File tab of the ribbon to open the file menu and click on Excel Options as shown in following snapshot.

Change the Cursor Movement Direction in Excel


Select Advanced tab in the left pane of the Excel Options dialog box.

Select Down, Right, Left or Up direction under “After pressing Enter, move selection” in the right pane.

Change the Cursor Movement Direction in Excel

Once you have selected the desired option, the cursor will move in the selected direction.


Now you can test it yourself. Enter a value in any cell and press Enter to check whether it is working or not.

If you face any difficulty/issue, write to us in comment section.

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