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Stop HTML5 Autoplay Videos in Google Chrome & Firefox

Disable HTML5 Autoplay

Whether you use Google Chrome or Firefox, It's really annoying when you visit a website and video starts auto-playing in your browser. You know Adobe Flash is not the only technology that annoy you with unwanted videos. Unfortunately, many websites are now using HTML5 to display ads, videos, and other types of content. Often they

Twitter hashtag Turns 10 – Know everything about #

10 Years of Hashtag

Few things everyone must know about Internet's most popular symbol hashtag (#). The hashtag was born on August 23, 2007. The hashtag is used on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and many other social media sites. It is used on social media websites and applications to identify messages/categories on a specific topic/tweet. 10 Years ago Twitter

How to Create PPT Slides to Animated GIF

MakeaGif Website

This article will show you step by step guide to create PPT slides to animated GIF file. You have to follow 5 easy steps to create animated GIF file. STEP-1: First you need to convert your Power Point slides to GIF Graphics Interchange Format. Create a Power Point Presentation or open any existing presentation which

Top 15 Free PDF to Word Converters Online

Online PDF to Word Converter by verypdf

I am writing this article as there is a huge demand of PDF to Word converters online. Although I think PDF to Word converter online is little bit slow than PDF to Word converters for Windows but still people don't want to install another software in their computer. If you need to convert PDF to

Create Payoneer Account – Get FREE $25 Bouns on Signup

Payoneer Global Mass Payouts

Payoneer is a FREE and most popular online money transfer service for Indian bloggers & freelancers. You can receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account and then your funds are transferred to your local Indian bank account. As a resident of India or any other country, you can own a U.S Checking

How to Make Animated GIFs – ScreenToGif Tool


Today I came up with a brilliant tool to create animated GIF. This tool allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save it as a GIF. The best thing about GIF image is, they support by almost all the web browsers, there are very few web browsers that will not support

How to Create or Open a Google Docs File in Google Drive

Create or Open a Google Docs File in Google Drive

You can create new documents or open existing documents in a less than 5 minutes on Google Drive. You can access all your documents any where from any place with online Google Drive environment. Steps to Create or Open a Google Docs File Step-1: Desktop: Login to Google Drive - Google Drive App: If

5 New Features of Inbox by Gmail – Don’t Miss

Inbox by Gmail

Today I switched to using Inbox by Gmail and found five new features. Google updated Inbox by Gmail app and provided some very useful features like Trip bundles, Keep reminders appearing in the app, Swipe to delete, Signatures and Undo send. If you've switched to using Inbox by Gmail, then might be you are not