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How to Enable Copy Paste feature in CMD – Windows

command prompt properties

As you know that by default Windows do not allow users to Copy text and Paste it in Command prompt or Copy some text from Command prompt and paste it some elsewhere. But there is an option in CMD itself that will enable Copy & Paste feature in Windows Command Prompt. This tutorial will help

Google Finally Launched “Undo Send” Feature

Enable Undo Send Feature

If I ask you a question to recall a message, sent from Microsoft Outlook. Your answer will be "Yes" but if I ask the same question for Gmail then what would be your response. Most of the people will say "No" who are not aware about this new Gmail feature. Now you need not to

GoDaddy Rs. 99 Domain Name – 86% OFF [Working]

GoDaddy Domain & Hosting Coupon Codes

GoDaddy offers best discounts on Domain, Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Bulk Domain Registrations, SSL Certificates, Email Marketing and more. Why GoDaddy? World's largest domain name registrar. They have 13+ million customers. 14 facilities, including Ariz, Calif, Asia, Europe, India & more. More than 4,500 employees working hard. Manages more than 61 million Domains. 24/7/365,

How to Share Internet using USB on Laptop with Android?


Internet connection sharing in Laptop using Android Mobile is very Common. One way is to create  "Wifi HotSpot", and another way is via USB. As we know android does not provide any PC-Suit application for connecting internet or message reading. If you still want to connect internet from your Android Mobile to Laptop using USB,

How to Create WiFi HotSpot in Android for Internet Sharing with Laptop?


Now a Days, Surfing on Internet using Mobile Phone is very common. But Everybody wants to share same Internet package on the Laptop also. This saves extra costing for Data Card. Android gives a very easy method to do this. The method is known as "Wifi HotSpot". You can enable the Wifi Hotspot on mobile and