How to Block Candy Crush Requests on Facebook?

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Today the Candy Crush has become the most popular game on Social networking sites. Because of this popularity, you will be getting too much invitations/requests from your friends, colleagues, family members or relatives.

If you are frequently invited to play Candy Crush and want to block such type of requests, this article will help you to get rid of.

How to Block Candy Crush Requests/Notifications on Facebook?

Follow step by step guide and snapshot to block candy crush request/notification of Facebook.


Log on to your Facebook account and click on notifications icon appearing on the top right of your home page. Now click on settings that will automatically redirect you to Notifications side menu under settings page.

Block Candy Crush Requests


Scroll down and you will see here "App requests and activity" under Notification side menu. Click on the Edit link, it will enable a list of applications. Find Candy Crush Saga from the list and select Off to block the notifications/request of candy crush.

Block Candy Crush Requests

Now you have successfully blocked Candy Crush requests/notifications. Whenever you want to unblock it, you will have to come back on the same page and select On to unblock it.

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