Twitter hashtag Turns 10 – Know everything about #

10 Years of Hashtag
Few things everyone must know about Internet's most popular symbol hashtag (#).

  • The hashtag was born on August 23, 2007.
  • The hashtag is used on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and many other social media sites.
  • It is used on social media websites and applications to identify messages/categories on a specific topic/tweet.

10 Years ago Twitter user Chris Messina tweeted, "how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?".

  • The first time a hashtag #barcamp was used.

Twitter hashtag First Used by Chris Messina

Today, an average of 125 million hashtags are shared globally every day on the platform.

The most popular hashtags worldwide are:

  • #NowPlaying which was used over one billion times.
  • #FollowFriday (over half billion times) and
  • #ThrowbackThursday (over 120 million times).

Hashtags get even more mileage during big award shows, when people watch together and weigh in on the results on Twitter. Together, #MTVHottest, #MTVStars, #KCA, #iHeartAwards, and #BestFanArmy have been used over 3 billion times.

People also love to tweet about their favorite TV shows. Twitter says "The Walking Dead" #TheWalkingDead was the most tweeted television show hashtag of all time and in the movies category, it was #StarWars. Although it seams "Game of Thrones" (#GOT) will soon lap it because of its high popularity.

The most tweeted global sporting event hashtag was #Euro2016.

Global Sport Event hashtag was #Euro2016

Because of its widespread use , hashtag was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2014.

meaning of hashtag


These are the most popular hastags of all time:

  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • #brexit
  • #CupforBen
  • #EdBallsDay
  • #Ferguson
  • #FollowFriday
  • #funnycat
  • #GBBO
  • #GoT
  • #HeforShe
  • #IceBucketChallenge
  • #jesuischarlie
  • #JoinIn
  • #MTVHottest
  • #MUFC
  • #NowPlaying
  • #PutYourBatsOut
  • #StarWars
  • #Superbowl
  • #TheDress
  • #TheWalkingDead
  • #WorldCup

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