How to Enable or Disable USB Ports in Windows XP / 7 / 8

Enable Disable USB Drive

Why you need to Disable USB ports? To avoid misuse/steal of your data from external people. If USB port is enabled, anyone can easily steal your data from your computer. To escape your computer from virus infection. If someone has plugged virus infected pen drive or hard drive unknowingly, your computer will be virus infected.

How to Configure Gmail in Outlook 2007 – Step by Step Guide

Configure Gmail in Outlook 2007

This tutorial will help you to configure your Gmail account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. To get email from Gmail account to outlook, you need to enable POP settings in your Gmail Account. How to Configure Gmail in Outlook 2007? Step-1: First Enable POP settings in your Gmail Account. Open Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Step-2:

How to Enable POP settings in your Gmail Account?

Enable POP settings in your Gmail Account

What is POP and IMAP? POP and IMAP allows you to download messages from Gmail's servers onto your computer so you can access your mail with a program like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, even when you aren't connected to the Internet. It means you can read all your emails when you are offline. Microsoft Office

Enable/Disable Reset Case Open Status in BIOS

Enable-Disable Reset Case Open Status

What does it mean by "Reset Case Open Status"? Reset Case Open Status means your computer's side panel/cover has opened by someone. By default "Reset Case Open Status" property is Disabled in BIOS. If any person opens the panel/cover, its property changed to Enabled. When you restart the computer, it gives continuous beep sound to

How to Enable/Disable ACPI during any OS Installation?

How to Enable_Disable ACPI during any OS Installation

What is ACPI? As per wikipedia: In computing, the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification provides an open standard that the operating systems can use for computer hardware discovery, configuration, power management, and monitoring. Internally, ACPI exports the available functionalities by providing certain instruction lists as part of the system firmware, which the operating

No ID Proof required to Book Tatkal Tickets from 01-Sep-2015

No ID Proof required to Book Tatkal Tickets

Yes, you heard right. No ID Proof required to Book Tatkal Tickets from 01-Sep-2015. Ministry of Railways has modified some rules on dated 17th July 2015 pertaining to book Takal Tickets of Indian Railway. Under the modified rules, passengers don't need to furnish a photocopy as a proof of identity at the time of Booking

How Long will Password Take to Crack?

How Many Years Would Your Password Take To Crack

I hope you might be aware that most reputable operating systems, including Windows itself, store your password in an encrypted form, and there's no way to reverse that encryption to discover the original password.  The only option is to simply try every possible combination of password, in what's known as a brute force attack. The