How to Create WiFi HotSpot in Android for Internet Sharing with Laptop?

Now a Days, Surfing on Internet using Mobile Phone is very common. But Everybody wants to share same Internet package on the Laptop also. This saves extra costing for Data Card.

Android gives a very easy method to do this. The method is known as "Wifi HotSpot". You can enable the Wifi Hotspot on mobile and connect to Laptop by following steps:


Go to Settings > Under "Wireless & Networks", click on "More" option.


Now select "Tethering & portable hotspot" option as shown in below snapshot.



Enable "Wi-Fi hotspot" and enable your Data-Connection for internet start-up.

How to Connect with your Laptop?

Go to your "Network & Options" in the laptop, you will find the name of your mobile WiFi connection. Now you can connect with the mobile WiFi connection and internet will be shared automatically to the Laptop.

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