How to Create PPT Slides to Animated GIF

This article will show you step by step guide to create PPT slides to animated GIF file. You have to follow 5 easy steps to create animated GIF file.

STEP-1: First you need to convert your Power Point slides to GIF Graphics Interchange Format.

  • Create a Power Point Presentation or open any existing presentation which you want to convert.
  • Go to File Menu and Click on Save As option.

PPT Slides - Save As Option

  • Choose GIF Graphics Interchange Format as the Save as type option.

Create PPT Slides to Animated GIF

Here you can see different saving options of power point but you have to select GIF Graphics Interchange Format as the Save as type option.

Create PPT Slides to Animated GIF

  • It asks you to convert all slides or single slide into GIF file.
  • Click on Every Slide to convert all slides into GIF files.

Convert Every Slide to GIF Format

STEP-2: Now you will have a folder with individual .GIF files. Every slide will convert into GIF Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) file.

STEP-3: Now use third party websites like or you can Google Create Animated GIF files for other third party software’s or websites that make GIF animations.

STEP-4: Choose a website and follow their instructions to create animated GIF file. We have converted our PPT GIF files to animated GIF file using website. Visit or any other website which converts power point GIF files to animated GIF files.

MakeaGif Website

STEP-5: Now upload your PPT gif files and convert them to animated GIF file. A direct link will be provided to download the animated GIF file. This is how you can create PPT Slides to Animated GIF file.

If you want to convert following formats to Animated GIF file then is the best website.

  • Pictures to GIF
  • YouTube to GIF
  • Video to GIF
  • Upload a GIF

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