How to Clear Recent Items in Windows 10?

Recent items is really useful feature for fast access to your latest work. You can re-open any previous file from recent item history without going to actual path. Sometimes for security reasons, you don't want other people to see what you have accessed in your computer. This article will show you 'How you can easily clear recent items in Windows 10?'

Recent Items Locations

Your recent items and frequent folders are stored in the following locations:

%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items

Either you go directly to above folder locations and delete the recent items list or follow below steps.

How to Clear Recent Items in Windows 10?

This tutorial will cover 2 different ways to clear recent items in Windows 10. The first method we are going to use from File Explorer and second one from system settings.

Method-1: Press 'Window + E' from keyboard to open 'File Explorer' window. You will see following screen with frequent folders and recent items list.

Clear Recent Items in Windows 10 with File Explorer

Now go to 'View' Menu and click on 'Options' and select 'Change folder and search options' settings.

Clear Recent Items in Windows 10 - View Settings

Here you have to clear file explorer history by clicking on 'Clear' button under 'Privacy' option. Once you click on 'Clear' button, all the recent items are deleted.

Clear Recent Items in Windows 10 - Privacy Option

Method-2: Type 'Settings' in your Windows 10 search option and click on 'Settings' to open your computer's settings as show in below snapshot.

Clear Recent Items in Windows 10 - Settings Page

Now click on 'Personalization' settings as shown in below snapshot.

Clear Recent Items in Windows 10 - Personalization

Select 'Start' option under 'Personalization' settings and toggle the switch of 'Show recently opened items in Jump lists  on Start or the taskbar' to Off and then ON again

Clear Recent Items in Windows 10 - Start ON or OFF

You can use these tricks to clear your recent items history from your computer. If you know any other option, do write in comment section.

The following video is a practical demonstration to clear the recent items in Windows 10?

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